Seth Lowe for Zion Coffee

Last spring Seth was asked by Zion Coffee if he would be interested in traveling to Guatemala and Costa Rica with them to photograph coffee farmers in the area.  In discussing creative details and goals, they asked Seth how he would photograph the people if it were entirely up to him.  Zion Coffee’s goal is "to tell the story of, and advance the lives of farmers through coffee.” That ties in with Seth's passion for photographing and telling the stories of people who are often forgotten.  Seth came up with a simple idea: Lets photograph these people in a way that shows their strength, pride, passion, and commitment to what they do. Zion loved the idea, and they started imagining shot lists and what types of images they could create. The trip spanned a total of 8 days, and they also ended up adding a stop to Nicaragua to the travel itinerary, so it was a non stop week. Seth focused first on the primary portraits that had been planned out, and then shot more lifestyle and documentary images in between. They didn’t know who they would be photographing or what the locations would look like before they got there, so they had to improvise on the go. Overall Seth is so excited with how the images turned out, as is the client. The images are being used in social media advertising and a print book being published by Zion.