Kate T. Parker for Oxygen Network / Pretty.Strong.

Just in time for the premier tomorrow, here is a little behind the scenes video from our recent shoot with Kate T. Parker and the cast of Pretty.Strong, a new show on Oxygen.  

"Parker says she hopes that her images capture a side of the Chicago Bliss that you don't necessarily see on the field. The women featured are fierce, strong, beautiful, and overall, inspiring, certainly promoting the Pretty. Strong. message."

Check out the excerpt of Kate's interview after the video, and read the rest of the interview to"get to know Kate" on the Oxygen website.  Be sure to check out an article about Pretty.Strong & Kate plus the video on Bustle.com & follow Oxygen's social media for more awesome images!

What are some day to day tips that you can give women for gaining or projecting confidence in the way they look?
Embrace what you have. Take a good, hard look at yourself on your best and worst days and decide to be okay with where you are, how you look, who you are. Five pounds heavier than you’d like? Exhausted? More wrinkles than you remembered? You know what? No one notices but you. Having confidence in yourself? Walking around with your head high and a smile on your face?  That’s what people respond to. That’s what your kids see and learn. That’s the person you want to be, not the Photoshopped/nipped/tucked/sucked/Botoxed model on the pages of a magazine. She’s not real. You are.
What things are holding women back from being total badasses?
Worrying about what other people will say/think about what you do. F*ck it and do what you want, be who you are, do the things you dream about, be the person people are talking about... because what you’re doing is so awesome.