Doug Human for Fountain

Fountain is a beauty supplement providing skin replenishment for dehydration-repair-gloss and overall health of the skin through a water matrix supplement paired with Hyaluronic Acid, a natural acid found in the body that doubles its cushioning and thickening properties with water.  The initial launch was prepared to have a boutique kiosk, taxis and billboards throughout London.  The Fountain brand was launched with ads and concept visuals at Selfridges U.K.  

Doug Human Photography tied humor in to the ads by using the contents, color, label and the name of the product in unison with everyday products.  The result was a pairing of synergies that brings the simple bottle aloft.

The Super Green Molecule.  © Doug Human

The Hair Molecule.  © Doug Human

The Collagen Molecule.  © Doug Human

The Energy Molecule.  © Doug Human

The Geek Molecule.  © Doug Human

The Beauty Sleep Molecule.  © Doug Human

The Hyaluronic Acid Molecule.    © Doug Human