How many times have you been on a shoot that has tons of non-returnable props, clothing, building materials, office supplies, etc....and not known what to do with them?

Those times are FINI!

Fini! is a small not-for-profit organization made up of industry professionals who want to encourage ethical productions and give everyone the tools to do so.  The team at Fini!  is familiar with the post production pileup of goods and merchandise that can be donated, as well as the lack of time available to make those donations. They want to make it easy for hardworking production folks to donate non-perishable goods and get them to the organizations that need them most. Whether your production is a commercial advertising shoot, still, motion, or film, they want to make more donations and less waste the new norm.

Keep them and all those who benefit from a less-wasteful industry in mind at your next production.