Eric Prine for Subaru

This was an interesting shoot!  The shoot was scheduled for the same day super snowstorm "Electra" decided to slam the east coast.  We did some last minute shuffling and thanks to some creative problem-solving, our amazing crew and the awesome team at AdAsia - Eric pulled off an amazing shot, you can't even tell its snowing!  I would be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing talent here too - it was freeeeeezing out and they were serious troopers.  Huge thanks to everyone on the shoot and Frog Hollow Farms for long, fun and adventurous day.

© Eric Prine

Some behind the scenes!

Best Friends!  Most of the horses on the farm are rescues -
some are even Olympic dressage contenders!  This friendly
little goat was also a rescue.

Thank goodness we have all of our chicks in a row.

Eric, bundled up and ready for action.

Me and my new best friend!