That's a wrap! Top 5 of 2012 & Top 5 for 2013!

2013 has barely even started and we're already so busy.  Since we just got back from traveling around the Pacific Northwest visiting with friends, family and clients, our normal Friday blog will get a break.

Instead, here's a list of our top five everything of 2012!

1. Starting a business - thanks for all your support!
2. Clients, clients, clients.  You are all awesome and obviously, we couldn't do it without you.
3. Our amazing roster.  Hands down, my favorite people to work with.
4. Travel!  Chicago, NYC, LA, DC, Portland, Seattle, Maine, NH, Nashville, ID....whew!
5. Crafts.  Really.  We get to make things for clients and it's fun.

And our top five goals for 2013!

1. Clients!  New and old, we want to work with you!
2. Creating new work, we are so excited to see what our artists do this year.
3. TRAVEL!  
4. Work, let's get to it.  Can we even have a better year?  I say YES WE CAN!
5. More work!!  Keep it coming y'all.

We are genuinely excited to start the year and really looking forward to all the adventures it may bring. Here's a look at some bare, snowy trees from the last adventure.....


What did you do for New Years?  What are your goals, work and personal, for 2013?  We'd love to hear all about them in the comments!