Fresh Work Friday! So Fresh!

Our guys really get around!  Here's a little compilation of some new work for your enjoyment.  Also, Updates on the Instagram Debacle!

Eric Prine is always on the road. Subject Andrew Odom currently lives in Georgia with his wife and daughter building their tiny house. They are huge advocates of deliberate living and created the Tiny r(E)volution - 

Attic Fire stopped in Cleveland recently, just to see this awesome building.  Architect Frank Gehry is famous for his unique brand of architecture, often comprised of flowing and twisting sheets of metal on a building’s façade

Check out more on the Attic Fire Blog!

Brian Sorg spent a little time in Michigan last week....

Look at Brian Sorg's blog.  Look at it again.  I'm sure you missed something.

John Foster has been in London recently.  This new sleeve design has nothing to do with that but it's super cool.

Have a great weekend!  We're all still here!  And it's officially winter!!