Media Monday

Beginning today, we're starting our weeks off with a look at industry news and topics.  Our industry changes so quickly and there is so much work out there, here's our chance to reflect on anything that's caught our eye in the past week.  Have a topic you want to discuss?  Leave suggestions in the comments section!

To start us off, let's take a look at politics...

The election is just around the corner and the campaigns are all we're hearing about.  With all the focus on the future, let's take a look back at White House photographer Pete Souza's edit of Obama's last four years for Time:

This body of work is not only interesting to look at, but as one of the first presidencies caught entirely on digital cameras, interesting from a business point of view as well.  The Obama Administration uses Flickr as a means to disseminate images, and Souza and his team are prohibited from deleting any photographs. I'd love to know their workflow.

As we all know, editing your own work is hard, says Souza:

While preparing this edit for LightBox, he acknowledged that it was hard to present what a presidency is about in just a handful of pictures. “I don’t gravitate toward any singular image right now,” he says. “I try to look at a body of work, and so I’m proud of this edit that I submitted. To me, it’s all these photographs together which tell you something about this man, this President, and I guess to a certain extent, about me and what I think is important.”

Do you think this edit conveys a historically accurate portrait of the past four years?