Media Monday! Intriguing!!

Heard of the Nokia 808 PureView?  Neither had we.  It's a cell phone. With a 41 MP CAMERA.  During a debate party full of photo industry people it was mentioned and we had to have our own debate. Is it real?  Is it necessary?  Is it totally CRAZY?  

If you don't have time to read it all, here's their final word:

"The 808 proves that Nokia can innovate, and its PureView technology has piqued the interest of serious photographers, being one of the most important innovations - arguable the most important - in mobile photography since the smartphone era dawned five or so years ago.  As such, the 808 is intriguing not just in itself, but because of what it represents.  Things could be about to get interesting...."

What do you think?  What implications could this have for the future of digital photography, if any?