Te Koop/A Vendre

Maxwell Sorensen never ceases to amaze us.

Enjoy his new video for Pree (Paper Garden Records)

Wonder how he does it?  Well here's some techy stuff for ya!

"I decided to go digital on this project because the complications of
shooting one continuous 2 1/2 minute shot.  I bought a big stack of
paper and scanned everything at 300 dpi. Then I drew all the character
sketches in photoshop and separated them into layers using vector
masks. After cleaning everything up, I brought them into After Effects
and did some rigging with Nicolas Dufresne’s inverse kinematic script
called Duik. If you’re an After Effects user and haven’t used Duik I
highly recommend playing around with it. It greatly simplifies and
speeds up character animation inside AE. It’s also got a bunch of
great animation tools aside from IK as well. Some of the characters,
like the birds, were parented together and rigged with more basic
expressions. In a couple places I animated masks over layers(see the
hair) or used the puppet tool(see the snake), or combined both.
Basically, I built each character as their own 2D compositions and
then placed them inside one big 3D composition where I animated the
camera move and added lights. It was a lot a lot of layers to render at
the end, but seemed simpler than splitting up the shot.

Big thanks to the band and Paper Garden Records for making this
project happen. I really enjoyed the process on this video and
collaborating with Pree on the specific plot points, really fleshed out
some of my initial ideas." - M. Sorensen