Happy New Year from John Foster!

2011 was the year that I got to work with some of my musical heroes. People I admire so much that I had to constantly pinch myself that I was even talking to them, much less involved with their projects. It was a year in which I released a book, finished writing and designing another one (full of design heroes), and designed books for others on topics ranging from sci fi illustration to how to roast a pig. I was also far too happy to decree what was good in this world over at rockpaperink and my old standby BYT. I worked with arts and political organizations that I love, with people that I adore. I even got to help Brad Pitt rebuild New Orleans just a tiny bit. Not to mention my college lectures where I am pretty sure I didn't mess the kids up too badly. I am forgetting a ton of other goodies, but when you lay it all out, it looks pretty swell (If I do say so myself - and I do.) 

Picking a favorite moment (hiding in the tornado bunker at the Tulsa airport following an appearance there?) seems like a silly exercise, so I am going to grab a few images of one of the earliest 2011 highlights - the ESG "Dance" 7 inch. After helping place the song as part of the holiday xbox campaign, I was able to package it up as a single. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be designing vinyl singles in 2011, I would have peppered you with sarcastic references to 1991 - BUT here we are and I couldn't be happier. I even got to use some neon colors and throw my handmade type all over the place. 

So, Happy New Year to all you cats and kittens! Now Dance! Dance! Dance!