Happy New Year from Brian Sorg!

My favorite photo moment happened while I was shooting backstage portraits for Spin magazine at Lollapalooza in August. While photographing The Kills, Jamie shook my hand and said, "We're pretty tired, you get 15 flashes man". I've never been told that before. I thought it was hilarious. I remember thinking to myself.. "I wonder if I could take one every hour, really spread these 15 out... would he be cool with that?"

I also got to shoot a great campaign for Secret deodorant called Mean Stinks. It's directed toward high school girls, telling them to be nicer to each other, especially behind their backs. The first round of ads were very straight to the point - tight shots of lockers and bathroom stalls with "nice" graffiti messages. For example, "Kara B is a Lovely Person" scratched menacingly into a bathroom stall door. Traditionally people write mean or hurtful messages in these situations. We turned it around and wrote nice things. I was happy to be involved with a shoot that had a such good message and an edgy look in the ads themselves.

In 2012 I am seriously looking forward to expanding my client base, hopefully working on some challenging and interesting projects and continuing to make pictures everyday.

Happy New Year!