Happy Anniversary!

There's a lot to running a small business that you can't possibly know until you take the plunge - and we've certainly plunged right in!  Two months after launching Claxton Represents we're still getting in the habit of doing our books and all the other not-cool-stuff we get to do now.  

On the flip side, however, we couldn't be luckier!  The roster of artists with Claxton Represents is so amazing, talented and diverse:  every day is fun and educational and filled with interesting projects.  The boring stuff is so much easier to deal with knowing how much we can trust each and every one of them to nail an assignment.  Their technical abilities, artistic skills, ingrained style are just that fantastic, and their personalities make it easy to stand behind them and their work 100%.  Plus we get to use their amazing imagery and talent to put together awesome promo's, we are constantly being inspired.

Here's a little inspiration for your weekend......

© Attic Fire

© Brian Leatart

© Eric Prine

© Joshua Cogan

© Maxwell Sorensen

© Brian Sorg

© John Foster

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