Claxton Represents: Maxwell Sorensen

Maxwell Sørensen is a director, animator, and artist. Born and raised on a farm in rural Pennsylvania, Maxwell grew up surrounded by goats, chickens, and the occasional family of raccoons. Maybe that’s why as a filmmaker Maxwell strives to bring a natural and organic sensibility to his work. With an aesthetic focused on handcrafted imagery, Maxwell’s projects combine classic techniques like stop-motion animation, miniature model photography, and hand puppetry with all the advantages of a contemporary digital workflow. 

Maxwells work has been featured on MTV2, MTVU, FUSE and as an official selections at the SXSW film festival and the DC World Music and Independent Film Festival. Before moving into the director/animator role, Maxwell did stints as an assistant cameraman, location sound mixer, carpenter, rock’n’roller, electrician and wrote a master’s thesis about the sociology of Russian rock music. 

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