Claxton Represents: Joshua Cogan

Joshua Cogan is a photographer and anthropologist whose skill in environmental portraiture is unquestionable.  In addition to using this talent for commercial purposes, Joshua has focused on documenting vanishing cultures and exploring social issues through photography and new media. 

Joshua has an ongoing project on Diaspora Judaism in India, Ethiopia and Israel, Cogan has pioneered a number of innovative projects with the award-winning multimedia firm BlueCadet. The partnership has produced a number of heartfelt, interactive narratives for the web, including a study of how high school students displaced by Hurricane Katrina have coped with the loss of their homes. 

Cogan’s latest collaboration with BlueCadet, Live Hope Love, was a revelatory look at the silenced voices of HIV-positive Jamaicans enduring the stigmas of their society through the words of poet Kwame Dawes. Produced by the Pulitzer Center, it recently won an Emmy for New Approaches to Documentary. Cogan's work has also appeared in the New Yorker, GQ, Washington Post, and the New York Times.

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