Claxton Represents is now BETTER THAN EVER!!!

While I had great success as a traditional rep, that wasn't satisfying all of my business and personal goals.  I really like to get my hands dirty and get involved in more ways than one, so I'm super happy to announce that we now include photo editing, production and art direction services!  I've expanded the services we offer and changed the roster to an artist management structure so I can focus on more of what I love to better serve the photo community. Check out the new website at  I LOVE feedback if you've got it, critiques are welcome.  Please forward the site along to anyone who may be interested!


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I appreciate your time and we look forward to working with you, cheers to all of our continued success! - Sarah Claxton

Attic Fire for Freed-Hardman University / ESA

Attic Fire recently traveled to Tennessee to photograph Freed-Hardeman University, a college in Henderson.  They were commissioned to photograph the Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center which expanded an existing 1 story building into a much larger building that is 2 stories on one end and 1 story on the other end.  The architect was Wendell Brown and the interior designer was Kearra Barkley from ESa.  Fantastic job, everyone!

To Each His Own Place, a personal project by Eric Prine

Eric Prine has been working on a series of environmental portraits that consist of "real" people in their most comfortable places.  This series has resulted in great new work for Eric, but not only that, it's expanded his portfolio and his shooting style as well.  While Eric is more widely for his landscape work, he also loves and is often hired to photograph, people.  

It's so important as artists to stretch our minds and expand our way of thinking, so that we don't get stuck in habits.  Personal projects are a great way to broaden our horizons and our skill sets, and to continue growing and learning in our field.  

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Attic Fire at The Barnes Foundation

Located in Philadelphia in the art museum district, The Barnes Foundation is an american educational art and horticultural institution.  Designed by Architects Tod Williams and Bille Tsien this building houses a notable collection of original Van Gogh's, Matisse's and Picasso's along with many more famous works of art.  The Barnes has quite a scandalous history which has been documented in the movie "The Art of the Steal", we recommend it!  And for everyone at the DNC this week we recommend swinging by, it's quite a different museum experience.

Eric Prine for National Education Association

Eric Prine recently traveled to DC for this commercial shoot for the National Education Association.  The images are of real educators in their own classrooms at an elementary school in the DC suburbs.  I was lucky to accompany him as producer, and we had a blast photographing 15 people over a hectic 2 days.

To see more from this shoot, check out Eric's BLOG.

You can find Eric's portfolio at and on Workbook.

Seth Lowe, 52 Portraits Project

Seth Lowe has been working on a 52 portraits project and we wanted to share some of his awesome images!  This personal project is great for so many reasons....being able to set aside time to play with lighting, working on a long-term project, etc.  We love it because it shows Seth's studio abilities and really highlights how he connects with his subjects.  We'd love to hear what you think!  

New Services & TBT from the Archives!

We're expanding Claxton Represents and offering some new services, including photo editing, production and art direction!  Sarah Claxton was a photo editor for a national magazine and had some great times producing, art directing and editing some covers.  Here's a fun throwback from the archives:

Seth Lowe featured on PhotoServe!

Seth Lowe's Wyoming project is being featured on PhotoServe,  here is an excerpt from "Romancing the American West with Seth Lowe"....

"Photographer and PhotoServe member Seth Lowe recently completed a personal project on the American West and has been getting rave reviews on his work.  Lowe and his wife headed to Northern Wyoming last spring to find and photograph the people who make up this vast landscape.  The American West is iconic and represents an idea as much as a geographical place. There are still unseen sights and new discoveries to be experienced in these magnificent landscapes with endless sky. Lowe seth out to capture a way of life that has glamorized for decades in Hollywood westerns and dramas that still exists and is very much alive.  The American West is the backbone of this country, and it is a call to people from all over the world."

Eric Prine for UCLA Magazine

Eric Prine photographed this feature interview with Dr. Jamison for UCLA Magazine.  Dr Jamison is the author of An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness.  The co-founder of UCLA's Mood Disorders Clinic, author of six books and recipient of a MacArthur "genius grant," she is now a professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Eric traveled to Baltimore to take her portrait at the University.  The space they ultimately used is where the term "make the rounds" originated, as the building is a rotunda where doctors would walk the round hallway to check on patients.  

Attic Fire for Ogilvy & Mather / Crowne Plaza

Attic Fire teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather in Atlanta to showcase the new Work/Life rooms from Crowne Plaza Hotels. Attic Fire directed this new video which was edited by Outback Editorial & Visual Fx.  They also produced a series of still images showing business savvy travelers utilizing the unique features of the Work/Life room.  The stills will be be shared in an upcoming post. This was one of Attic Fire's largest productions to date and we had an awesome team to bring it together!

Seth Lowe for Zion Coffee

Last spring Seth was asked by Zion Coffee if he would be interested in traveling to Guatemala and Costa Rica with them to photograph coffee farmers in the area.  In discussing creative details and goals, they asked Seth how he would photograph the people if it were entirely up to him.  Zion Coffee’s goal is "to tell the story of, and advance the lives of farmers through coffee.” That ties in with Seth's passion for photographing and telling the stories of people who are often forgotten.  Seth came up with a simple idea: Lets photograph these people in a way that shows their strength, pride, passion, and commitment to what they do. Zion loved the idea, and they started imagining shot lists and what types of images they could create. The trip spanned a total of 8 days, and they also ended up adding a stop to Nicaragua to the travel itinerary, so it was a non stop week. Seth focused first on the primary portraits that had been planned out, and then shot more lifestyle and documentary images in between. They didn’t know who they would be photographing or what the locations would look like before they got there, so they had to improvise on the go. Overall Seth is so excited with how the images turned out, as is the client. The images are being used in social media advertising and a print book being published by Zion.