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We support individuals and companies who use photography for visual communication. Acting as vital partners to help accomplish our client’s objectives - working within budget and keeping creativity as the driving force, we never take our foot off the pedal until the problem is solved. You provide the context and we bring our unique mix of smarts, skill, integrity and style. 

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About Sarah Claxton

Sarah Claxton has over a decade of experience in the photo industry, working with both commercial and editorial content for magazines, non-profits and agencies.  Prior to Claxton Represents, Sarah worked with the International League of Conservation Photographers, USA Weekend Magazine and Feld Entertainment.  Over the years she has worked with some of the best photographers out there, including Paul Nicklen, Sam Jones, Emily Shur, George Lange, Heinz Kluetmeier and Mary Ellen Mark. She now works as business manager with photographers Eric Prine + Attic Fire, who she considers some of the best in the world!

Sarah obtained a degree in photography from the esteemed Brooks Institute and has since crafted a successful career as a photo agent, editor and producer.  Her passion is working with anyone who uses photography as a communication tool, to help them achieve their vision.  Sarah's versatile background from both sides of the client/creative process has given her the skills to anticipate a project’s needs before they present themselves. Always a conscientious collaborator, she has an impeccable sense of diplomacy and delights in the very process of things, understanding that the magic is in the details.

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